06 July 2023

Celebrating Refugee Week across Northern Ireland

Celebrating Refugee Week across Northern Ireland Image

ArtsEkta were delighted to participate in the 25th anniversary of Refugee Week between the 19th – 25th June.

We delivered a whole range of events that celebrated what compassion looks like in action. The events demonstrated that together we can create a shared understanding of compassion to ensure we are extending it widely to all.

The last few years have been challenging for all of us. We are still adjusting to new realities post-lockdown as well as responding to new crises. In the UK, dangerous anti-migration government rhetoric continues, along with inhumane conditions for asylum seekers.

But, none of these things happen in isolation. We know how interconnected our world is: how something seemingly “far away” impacts everyone. All of this makes us even more aware of the need to widen our circles of compassion.

Within our own experiences are all the tools we need to be compassionate, not just to ourselves and those in our immediate circle but to all our human neighbours and our one shared home, planet earth.

Events delivered as part of Refugee Week 2023 included:


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