Art Route Collective


Art Route Collective works with refugee and asylum seekers with the aim of improving emotional health and social wellbeing in partnership with agencies such as Home Plus NI, Ark Housing, Extern, DePaul and Council for the Homeless NI.

Supported by the Public Health Agency, the group meet weekly to engage in arts-led programmes helping them feel valued and respected, participate in community life, build self-confidence, develop knowledge and skills to build their lives in NI, and be part of social networks and relationships.

“Seeking asylum in a foreign country, far from your home can be a very difficult experience. Refugees can often feel fearful and isolated We have been delighted to be able to support ArtsEkta to help vulnerable groups settle into the community in Northern Ireland and provide them with practical skills and friendship”

Dr Eddie Rooney, CEO, Public Health Agency

Our Vision

Provide a creative platform to connect and integrate refugees from across the world


2013 - Present




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