Since 2015, ArtsEkta has brought together musicians from across Northern Ireland who have taken part in what has been described as a truly innovative musical experience.

During their time together they explore how world music is interconnected, exploring and sharing music from different cultures and genres on ethnic percussion, tambura, guitar, vocals, violin and piano. This organic and enlightening process has culminates in annual showcases highlighting the ‘connections’ of our people and our cultures.

Connections is part of ArtsEkta’s pioneering Cultural Coach initiative – a regional intercultural arts programme that seeks to encourage people to extend their imagination, creative skills and awaken consciousness and curiosity towards other cultures.

“Connections offers us a unique opportunity to connect and to share music from around the world; to draw from each other and drive each other on, to unearth fresh colours and forge new rivers of sound, expanding our palettes and bonding in the way only music allows”

Neil Martin, Connections Composer & Musical Director

Our Vision

Show the connections of our people and our cultures through diverse music


2015 - Present





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