Culture Clash

Textile and upcycling project influenced by tradition, culture, and storytelling.

The project aims to engage with young people in creative learning activity and improve their wellbeing through artistic expression. Teaming up with Another World and Sew Ready, the primary focus of the project is to offer creative opportunities to young people struggling with mental health issues who want to explore a creative outlet as a means of healing. The project will result in different showcases, including a fashion show and pop up boutique at the Belfast Mela.

Sew Ready will focus on textile education of the younger generation and a appreciation for traditional craft skills to foster a sense of conscious consumerism as we teach young people to consider where their clothing is coming from.

Another World are a made up of a team of artists and activists, with the aim of creating practical projects that help both people and planet.

Our Vision

Upcycled fashion show co-created with local communities


2023 - Present





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