Shout Louder


Shout Louder is a film project brought to you by ArtsEkta, in partnership with Brassneck Theatre Company, which aimed to engage young people in creative learning activity and improve their wellbeing through artistic expression.

The first group of participants have created a short film and a music video covering issues which affect young people today. The films address the stigma attached to mental health by exploring prejudice, discrimination and misconception associated with these issues.

The young people who worked on this project developed each stage of production and the outcome lead to more open conversations, reducing the stigma attached to mental health and promote help-seeking behaviour.

In the second stage of the projects participants created a music video, an internet vlog and a documentary style film on issues affecting young people including social media, bullying, anxiety and depression within their families, intercultural issues and peer pressure. The project included two showcase events in March and in November.

This project has received funding from the Department for Communities T:BUC scheme and Arts Council of Northern Ireland & Public Health Agency through the ARTiculate programme.

“It helped me tell and show young people that they are not alone in mental health and sharing my opinion and experience helped me come to terms and how to manage my own. The safe space created in my group and the positive setting mad me feel safe, comfortable and happy in myself”


Our Vision

Work with young people across Belfast in a digital programme exploring mental health







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